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About Us

  What drives us
Our   business philosophy is to provide a unique business service that fulfills our client's needs.   Whether it's the liquidation or the restoration of a valued client's Steinway Grand Piano or other fine quality piano, we will conduct business with integrity and ethical business practices.

We have developed a coast to coast network of skilled professionals in the industry. These people are the key to providing efficient, quality service to our clients and are considered our most valuable asset. We have also developed many buyers overseas. We have shipped Steinways to over a dozen countries. We also provide International shipping service to all.



 iBuySteinways specializing in Steinway Grand Pianos

If your goal is to "Sell my Steinway" then you have come to the correct site.

"We buy Steinways"!

Michael McGuire RPT is the owner of iBuySteinways. He is a registered Craftsman in the Piano Technicians Guild with over 45 years experience in the piano industry. Here is how the Guild defines a registered craftsman:

A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos. Only RPTs are authorized by The Piano Technicians Guild to display the logo containing the words Registered Piano Technician.

Michael McGuire RPT

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